Lorenza Fontana

Sustainable Development Goals

The identification of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and a new agenda for global development to be achieved by 2030 have been unique opportunities for research and engagement. Soon after the SDGs were agreed in 2015, with colleagues at the Sheffield Institute for International Development (Johan Oldekop and Jean Grugel), we led a public international consultation to identify 100 key research questions for the 2030 Agenda. A second part of the project focused on regional consultations, with the first one organized in Quito, Ecuador, in partnership with FLACSO and UNDP Ecuador. These projects were funded by the Sheffield Institute for International Development and by a University of Sheffield Impact and Knowledge Exchange Collaborative Research and Development Award.


FONTANA L.B., J.A. Oldekop, J. Grugel, et al. (2016) ‘100 Key Research Questions for the Post-2015 Development Agenda’. Development Policy Review, 34 (1): 55-82.

FONTANA L.B., J. Grugel, J.A. Oldekop (2015), Latin American Perspectives on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, UNDP/FLACSO/SIID Policy Paper (Spanish).

In 2016 I joined the scientific board of the Elsevier SDGs Perspectives Project with the aim of fostering interdisciplinarity and collaborative research on the SDGs and the global development agenda. As part of this effort, I co-edited two special issues published in World Development and Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability gathering articles on different SDGs.

Giller K.E., Drupady I.M., FONTANA L.B., Oldekop J.A. (2018) ‘Editorial Overview: The SDGs – Aspirations or Inspirations for Global Sustainability’. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 34, A1-A2.

FONTANA L.B., J.A. Oldekop (2020)  ‘Special Issue Editorial: The Sustainable Development Goals: The Bumpy Road Ahead’. World Development 127.